10 Tips of How To Gain Weight For Dummies

Here are some tips about how to gain weight, that I managed to post on Facebook between 20-26 April 2010.

[NUMBER 1] Never skip your meals. Never. Please feed your mouth with good snacks (i.e mixed nuts) whenever your stomach start to crave annoyingly shouting for “Feed me.. feed me!!”

[NUMBER 2] Sleep like a baby, at least 8 continuous hours per day. Human Growth Hormone (HGH) starts to kick in to your blood stream ONLY after the first 4 hours of your sleep; See what happens to you if you sleep 4-5 hours or less…..??

[NUMBER 3] Drink 4 glasses of milk (250ml each) everyday – morning, afternoon, evening, & before go to bed. A lot? Naah. I told you to act like a baby (baby do grow everyday!). Milk packs your dietary nutrition with calcium that increases your bone density/length, while providing you with protein & certain vitamins. What kind of milk? Fresh milk, and of course it comes from cow.

[NUMBER 4] Make sure you have an adequate vitamins supplied to you everyday. You can get this easily through a VARIETY of foods & vegetables; make sure to learn each fruits’ micronutrients. Lazy enough? Go to the nearest pharmacy & buy a pack of Multi-vitamins supplement. Appeton Multi-vits™ costs you RM24 per pack (for a month), which has 30 tablets per pack.

[NUMBER 5] This is the most crucial part & my favorite after all. Your calorie intake (consumed) must be GREATER than calorie that your body needs (burned) that day. i.e. adding extra 500kcal to your normal ‘Daily Calorie Requirement’ (DCR) will help. Search these terms on Google and start to calculate your own DCR.

[NUMBER 6] Knowing how much you gotta eat per day, now make sure to opt ‘good food’ instead of ‘junk food’. Of course you may eat 2 cans of Mister Potato/Lay’s Chips™ to make up your 2000kcal/day. But do you thing it’s healthy? Does it contain micronutrients, phytochemicals & minerals you need? Does it satisfy your hunger? NO NO NO.. (Don’t Phunk With My Heart!).

[NUMBER 7] Go get, atleast a decent scale placed in your room or your bath tab. There is no way to gain (or lose) weight without tracking your progress, every week, right?

[NUMBER 8] Do few weight training workouts, applying all parts of your body (arms, shoulders, chest, etc). Do it in a right manner, i.e for each rep, do it slowly & do not depend on momentum; otherwise you just burn the calorie for nothing. You need that burning sensations (muscle microscopic tears) in order for your muscles to get ‘repaired’, & eventually grow.

[NUMBER 9] When having a meal, always raise these questions in your mind: where’s my carbs? where’s my protein? where’s my vegetables, fruits? (As for fats, they are practically EVERYWHERE in your food, so you don’t have to concern much about it). This is to make sure you gain weight correctly, remember that you are not looking for obesity..

[NUMBER 10] I’ve been observing and notice that, most people who are in easy-happy-go-lucky mood tend to gain weight easily while people who stress out tend to lose some weight. That includes my ex-gf who obviously had gained weight (since she was so happy to be with me), but later she lost some after we broke up. So peeps, moral of the story….

P/S: Please let me know what you get after few weeks you follow this tips ;p

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