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Yang Tersurat dan yang Tersirat (Bahagian 3)

“Isk.. banyak betul ‘mitos zaman moden’ dalam kepala atuk ni, sampai tak tahu nak mulakan yang mana satu, isk, isk, isk..” “Apa susah atuk.. atuk mulakan saja dengan Bismillah..” 8 – Lemak dan Otot Tersurat: Ramai yang anggap kalau kita turun berat badan sebanyak 2kg, maksudnya kita hilang lemak sebanyak 2kg. Dan Kalau kita naik

It’s my one-day food log (Weight Gain)

I know most of you have been trying so hard to gain weight, but the lack of ‘know-how-to-do’ factor could be the primary turn-off, and for some how you just quit from your weight-gain program without achieving it, even half of it. I talk about calories and how to manage it, but I found that

Picking The Right Milk For You

Just now I went to Egonutrition’s store at Lot 10, just to survey the prices of few protein-supplements-prior-to-sleep (less active protein, like soy protein and casein protein) and guess what, they are relatively expensive! But that dude in that store just shared with me his experience (He’s a bodybuilding athlete and got sponsored about RM3k

10 Tips of How To Gain Weight For Dummies

Here are some tips about how to gain weight, that I managed to post on Facebook between 20-26 April 2010. [NUMBER 1] Never skip your meals. Never. Please feed your mouth with good snacks (i.e mixed nuts) whenever your stomach start to crave annoyingly shouting for “Feed me.. feed me!!” [NUMBER 2] Sleep like a