It’s my one-day food log (Weight Gain)

I know most of you have been trying so hard to gain weight, but the lack of ‘know-how-to-do’ factor could be the primary turn-off, and for some how you just quit from your weight-gain program without achieving it, even half of it. I talk about calories and how to manage it, but I found that most people seems hard to take a note and jot down what they have eaten along with their calories. Actually in that scenario, it still OK, because in another case, some people, especially the bodybuilders, do track their fat, carbohydrate and protein precisely. That’s why I’m posting this up, so for those who don’t have much time to take a piece of paper and jot everything out, this might be a useful guideline of ‘what to eat to gain weight’.

I’ve been gaining 1-2kg recently, without any change on my waist girth. Amazing enough? What did I eat? Ok, I’m a 172cm tall guy, my previous weight was 68kg (seriously that was my final weight that achieved during my weight loss program), but my mom told me that I was way too skinny, erk! Therefore I started my weight gain program 2 months ago and now it almost hit 71kg. My Body fat percentage was about 17. And thru calculation (DCR), I should eat about 2200kcal (normal DCR). But since I’m in a weight-gain program, I add another 500kcal to my DCR, therefore I should eat about 2700kcal in order to gain about 1lb a week.

2 Banana (about 5” long) – 120kcal
1 scoop Elite whey protein – 110kcal
4 tablespoons Sunlac skim milk – 90kcal
3 slices Gardenia Wholegrain – 206kcal
1 tablet Multi-Vitamin – 0kcal
water – 0kcal
TOTAL: 526kcal

170g white rice (closed as big as your fist) – 222kcal
1 piece of fried chicken, breast, without skin – 120kcal
2 pieces of beef curry (45g each, with little gravy poured on my rice) – 170kcal
1 cup of vegetables, stir fried – 50kcal
½ cup of mixed nuts – 150kcal
water – 0kcal
TOTAL: 712kcal

1 and a half Cup of mixed nuts – 450kcal
3 tablespoonss Dutch Lady full cream milk – 150kcal
water – 0kcal
TOTAL: 600kcal

170g white rice (closed as big as your fist) – 222kcal
1 piece of Mackeral, curry – 110kcal
1 cup of vegetables, stir fried – 50kcal
water – 0kcal
1 cup of fruits – 120kcal
TOTAL: 502kcal

4 tablespoons Sunlac skim milk – 90kcal
3 slices Gardenia Wholegrain – 206kcal
1 piece of fried chicken, breast, without skin – 120kcal
TOTAL: 416kcal

OVERALL, TOTAL: 2756kcal

Taken from ejoy’s food log, on wednesday, May 5 2010.

*Highlighted red are ESSENTIAL to take to gain weight.

Things to notice:
1 – I follow the diet above about 3-4 days a week. Then I change it little bit to DIVERSIFY my diet. You MUST diversify your diet so you will not get bored with the food, and that eventually increase your appetite. Try something new from time to time, I.e new recipe, especially when you are a good cook.
2 – Multi-Vitamin (with Minerals) is a MUST in order for you to gain weight CORRECTLY and in a right period of TIME. It won’t bite your purse/wallet. It cost you about RM20 for a month supply.

Multi-vit price range from as low as RM18 to as high as RM100, depending on brands.

3 – Do you have to follow exactly what I ate? No. Actually you can, but different people should have different DCR depending on their gender, age, etc. But at least take it as your guideline. My point is to show you that in order to gain weight, you have to spread your meal about 5-7 meals a day, and treat those meals equally – I.e your breakfast is about as much as your lunch, snacks, dinner and supper. Throw away the old mentality saying “I only eat a lot during lunch and dinner, but I eat little for breakfast, snack and supper (malay refer this as ‘alas perut‘).

4 – Minimize your cardio, if you follow an active lifestyle. I used to run/jog 3 days a week, but currently I jog once a week, just for weekend, as to maintain my fitness level.
5 – Eat plenty of water, at least 8 glasses of water a day.
6 – Some people opt oil cod liver or weight-gainers as to increase their calorie intake, but those cost you money. Remember, weight-gain is all about to increase your calorie intake.
7 – Sleep at least 8 hours a day, I told this many time already. Human Growth Hormone (HGH) starts to kick in to your blood stream ONLY after the first 4 hours of your sleep.
8 – FRUITS like banana, durians, blackberries, mangos, plums and pummelos are rich in calories. Take that along as your snack. In fact, they are a good source of glucose as well (compared to tradisional white sugar cane).

Healthy fruits and nuts. “Hey, why we are here?” (The first fish wonder)

9 – But, I don’t recommend you to take high calories FOOD as most of them are unhealthy. Remember, you are looking for weight, not obesity.
10 – Read my previous entry, entitled “10 Tips of How To Gain Weight For Dummies”. I covered about weight-gain tips there a lot too. And I shall post another tips again soon. Till then, GL!


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