A Letter to Kevin Zahri…

Berikut merupakan emel yang aku hantar kepada bro Kevin Zahri beberapa minggu yang sudah. Diharapkan para pembaca dapat mengenali serba sedikit siapa Susu Sejat dan apa yang membuatkan aku tertarik dalam membudayakan gaya hidup sihat bukan sahaja dikalangan rakyat Malaysia, tetapi pelusuk nusantara amnya. Email/testimoni ini juga sudah ditulis di laman blog beliau yang boleh dibaca menerusi pautan ini.

(maaf jika grammar dan susunan bahasa yang agak berterabur, tapi terhegeh juga nak speaking, he he he..)

Salam to Bro. Kevin Zahri,

First and foremost, I would like to congratulate to you for becoming one of the luckiest father on earth, I hope you and your family will be merrier with the presence of Rafael Zahari, my pray :)

Before I go futher, let me introduce to you a bit about myself. My name is Hasrizul Hashim, (you can call me ejoy as most of my friend call me that way, Malvin is just my ‘illusion’ name) age 25 years old. To be honest, I haven’t bought any of your ebook, however 2 years ago I did bought your book entitle “Fitness 24/7” which costed me somewhere around USD 20 (I purchased it thru Paypal).

To be honest, I was obese. My weight was somewhere around 110kg and I bought few products/pills which I believed could help me to lose some weight, but the result was negative. I started to know the real meaning of the word “calorie” after my first visit to your website “cekodok.com“. Eventhough I graduated in Bachelor of Science, and I learnt many things in biology and chemistry until the university level, I didn’t realize how important the term calorie is to our biological system until I hop over to your website.

From there I notice about your book and start making an order for a copy of my own. I read from the single first page until to the last page, and pretty much your book does inspired me to learn more about dieting and fitness. However, until one point I found that the information written in your book is still ‘not enough’ for me, I need more ‘knowledge’ as I start to get enthusiased with the fitness area. But your book (and ebook) are definitely a good kickstart for a newbie who have no guidance in doing a consistent and enjoyable weight loss program, like the way I was 2 years ago.

Now, I’ve been reading so many things about dieting, fitness, exercises, either from the internet, books or fitness magazine. I am 200% positive that I really have this passion of becoming a part of the community who guide people to enjoy the healthy lifestyle: the fitness industry. Therefore, I have created a blog named “Susu Sejat” – I even mentioned your name in the very first entry of the blog as you are the one who inspired me, not only to teach me the correct way of dieting, but to inspired me to becoming a Personal Trainer in the future, InsyaAllah (I’m looking forward to it, I would very please if you can help me).

Here’s my blog link for you to take a look at, so far the blog have reach almost 2800 followers just after 8 months available to the public. Most of the contents are based on my readings and experience: http://www.sususejat.com

and here’s my other stories regarding my 10-months-weight-loss journey, with a guide of brother Kevin Zahri:



I hope we can work together to ensure that Malaysia is no longer being ranked as the ‘fattest’ country in the South East Asian. Thank you for your little time to read this humble email from me.

Your fan,


Author of SusuSejat.Com


P/S: Aku tak pasti sama ada salinan buku “24/7 Fitness Kevin Zahri” masih ada dalam stok. Tetapi jika anda berminat untuk membacanya, anda boleh membeli beberapa ebook yang berkaitan (kandungan lebih kurang sama) dengan harga yang jauh lebih murah. Dapatkan siri ebook Kevin Zahri di sini.


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