Ramadhan and Syawal Wrap Up: Mr. Susu’s Diary

Few updates about myself and this blog on what has/had been going since the past 30 days:

1) I lost 2kg due to the fasting season. My plan, which was to maintain my weight (and muscle mass) definitely FAILED.
2) I didn’t practice any cardio training during Ramadhan, and I believe I already lost 30% of my previous stamina.
3) Meeting some friends during Raya, and guess what’s the first question they asked me? “Where’s you thick biceps? I don’t see any of them.”
4) Looking myself at the mirror, I can tell myself that my BF% has been increasing lately.
5) I’m considering myself to buy a skin-fold caliper (BF% gauging gadget). Yeah, I’ll write the review about the product here guys, don’t worry. Heh.
6) Toothache really bothers me since the last few days. Thanks to the ‘Sate Daging’ I ate during the first day of Raya. I believe I will lost this ‘baby’ soon after I meet the dentist.
7) I already finished up the new ebook “Food Calorie List 2.0” but as I said, I will only make it available to public once the fans on facebook hit the one-ow-ow-ow figure.. pretty cruel huh? ;D
8) Found lots of new things to write. Ever heard about belangkas? I ate them during balik kampung tempoh hari.
9) Laksa Utara is by far the healthiest traditional food in Malaysia. I just figured this out few days ago, but why? Wait for my next entry.
10) Some readers want me to write few tips about gaining weight. Yeah, I have them in my mind right now. Again, next entry…

P/S: Encik Susu, yang engkau poyo sangat speaking London ni kenapa? Dah buang tabiat? :p


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