Running Vs Walking

Walking consumes about the same amount of energy per mile as running, but of course it takes longer to walk a mile than to run. In other words, running for a mile almost burns the same amount of calorie as walking for a mile. Some of you might ask, which one is actually preferable, and here are 10 comparisons between running and jogging for you to judge:

1Impact on joints (ankles, knees, hips) – Running has fairly high impact, while walking has low impact, in terms of soreness. Walking wins.

2Equipment (shoes) – Walking uses stiffer and heavier shoes compared to running. But no significant difference on both shoes’ prices. Draw.

3Pace – Running develops and improves your pace, most of the time, compared to walking. Running wins.

4 Injuries – Without proper preparations, running could give a greater risk of sustaining injuries such as strains, sprains, blisters and spurs, compared to walking. Walking wins.

5Difficulty level – Obviously, walking is much easy to perform than running. Walking wins.

6Time Consuming – Running use less time exercising to burn an equivalent number of calories, compared to walking. For example 20-30 minutes of running is equivalent to 40-50 minutes of walking (both burns about 150kcal). Running wins.

7 Fitness – Running is a more efficient cardiovascular fitness exercise than walking; it increases your lung capacity. Running wins.

8 Metabolism – Running at different intensity (interval training) in a single session increases your daily metabolism rate, than walking. Increase metabolism = weight/fat loss. Running wins.

9Multi-tasks – You can read ‘Susu Sejat’ on your iPhone or Blueberry (not Blackberry) smart phone while walking, but you are almost impossible to that while running. Walking wins.

10‘Cuci Mata’ – Walking makes you keep an eye more on girls, or ‘guys’ (if you walk at the garden), ahuh! Walking wins.

Full Time Result: Running (4) – (5) Walking

Walking just won by ONE point?!

Either running or jogging, it all depends on that person. As long as you feel happy, and healthy, go ahead.

Which one do you prefer most?


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