Yogurt: Why You Should Have One In Your Fridge.

Tom: I have been eating bacteria recently.
Chris: What the….? Is that the one that we used to streak on the agar plate in Biology class? The one that has nasty smell?
Tom: Yes..
Chris: Seriously? B.A.C.T.E.R.I.A? That we took from raw meat, from toilet bowl.. water tap?
Tom: That’s the other one.. but sort of..
Chris: Damn! Ini orang gila.. (Shaking his head, then he left)
Tom: Did I mention yogurt? (monologue)

Guys, how many of you here are ‘Tom‘? ‘Chris‘? How many of you are not sure what is going on here? By the way, Tom is indeed right. Yogurt contains live cultures, also known as ‘Good Bacteria’ such as Lactobacilus acidophilus and bifidus; in fact I am going to tell you 7 good reasons why we should eat yogurt, everyday, as a healthy snack.

1Contains protein
It’s a building block for muscle growth.
2Contains minerals
Most contain Calcium and Potassium, both are essential for human growth.
3Excellent source of vitamin B (Riboflavin/Vitamin B2)
For energy release efficiency, thus increase your metabolism.
4Reduce peptic ulcers (gastric)
Live cultures may suppress H. pylori infections, a cause of peptic ulcers, chronic gastritis and possibly stomach cancer.
5 Helps your gut
The good bacteria in yogurt helps the intestines maintain the right acidity. Anyone with lactose intolerance, constipation and diarrhea could benefit from eating yogurt.
6Helps to prevent and cure yeast infections
Yeast infections are a common problem in women, occur when a fungus lives in the vagina start multiplying. This condition can be extremely painful and uncomfortable.
7 Lose weight
Some studies say yogurt can help people to lose some weight. It may be true, but less significant. I believe losing weight is all about creating a calorie deficit.

Now, you may start to realize how beneficial yogurt is to our diet. But there comes another bunch of questions: Are all yogurt the same? There’s plenty type of yogurt and brands out there, but I don’t know which one to choose, any suggestion?

“Ejoy, it’s time for your FIRST weekend homework…”

“Yes sir, but do you want me to go to Tesco, Giant or.. Jaya Jusco, and review each brand of yogurt there?”

“Go ahead…”


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